Integrated Management System IMS Company Policy

The integrated management system (IMS) policy of the Seal Gostar Salaran company: The Seal Gostar Salaran company is one of the pioneers in supplying and distributing of O-ring and Packing with different material and parts of pumps and compressors in Iran, Due to the competitive market in Iran and other countries which is lead to expanding global trade and with attention to the striking development of technology, this company tries to synchronize his knowledge with latest technologies in order to enter into the market of the neighboring countries and Middle East market. for achieving our goals, we are processing the following strategies:
1- Improving the products quality and on-time supplying and delivering of products to our customers.
2- Raising the level of customers satisfaction and continuous improvement of IMS determining organizational goals.
3- Continuous education for the purpose of staff skills development (which is based on technical and professional issues) and continuous improvement of IMS through enjoying of staff’s talents, creativities and innovations.
4- Monitoring of new industries in the field of production and repair and also identification of modern equipment and high-quality materials.
5- Assurance of manufacturing processes control and raising its level of operation with observing occupational health and safety requirements.
6- Acquiring technical knowledge in the field of producing any type of O-ring and Packing and keep this knowledge up to date.
7- Commitment to comply with the legal, health and safety requirements.
8- Commitment to environmental protection and preventing of environmental pollution and compliance with laws related to it.
Surely, realization of these goals only could be possible through commitment to honesty, ethics and principles of IMS. By believing in all of these principles, I have no doubt that it could be possible only through employee’s participation and hope that they will be successful in this way.

Seal Gostar Salaran CEO
Karam. Akbari